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Survey Submission

The following documents are available. Click on the links below to download.

EBMT survey on transplant activity 2017
Excel format: The survey can be completed on line and submitted electronically.
Pdf format: The Survey can be printed, filled in manually and submitted by faxing to the number indicated in the document.

Guidelines for reporting data to the EBMT Activity Survey 2017: Read carefully these guidelines before completing the Survey.

MED-AB forms manual: a guide to the completion of the EBMT HSCT Med-AB forms. Appendix III contains the agreed definition for non-myeloablative conditioning used in reporting to this survey.

List of disease classifications: contains a list of diseases indicating under which main category they should be reported.

If using electronic submission

1. Click on the link above ' EBMT survey on transplant activity 2016: Excel format'

2. Save the file to your Desktop or another easy to remember location.

3. Name the file "CIC (your number)". If you do not have a CIC number, call the file after the name of your institution.

4. Complete the data fields.

5. Email the form to the survey coordinator.

Note that the Med A data reported to the EBMT Registry is not automatically included in the Activity Survey. Even if you report your transplant data to the EBMT electronically with the ProMISe system or by forwarding paper Med-AB forms to the EBMT or National Registry offices, please report to this survey too.

















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