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Low-to-Middle Income Country Membership

Countries which are defined as low-income economies ($1,025 or less) and/or as lower-middle-income economies ($1,026 to $4,035), as defined by The World Bank Group, are eligible to apply for membership with the EBMT at a reduced membership fee.  Centres and Individuals belonging to LMICs and wishing to apply should be actively involved in transplantation of any kind of hematopoietic stem cells, or involved in the field of cellular therapy or in the care of donors and recipients of hematopoietic stem cells. 

Centre members are strongly encouraged to commit to submit a minimum set of “MED A” data on all patients treated in their centre on an annual basis.  For more information, please contact the Registry Help Desk:  Individual members should hold a degree and demonstrate an expertise in stem cell transplantation, cellular therapy, or other relevant fields.  Please note that all rights and obligations available to full-paying members as seen on the page “Membership categories and benefits” are also applicable for the LMIC members.

LMIC membership fees will be offered at a reduced rate.  Centre members pay a 50% discounted annual fee of 450 euros.  Individual LMIC members pay an annual fee of 20 euros.  The application forms found on our page “Apply to be a member” can be filled out, and sent via email to the Membership Department:  Don’t forget to check the box “LMIC membership” when filling out the application form.  Additionally, proof of employment in an LMIC country must be submitted along with the application form.

Annual fees are invoiced each year after the EBMT Annual Meeting in March/April and the invoice will be sent to the PI (of centers) and to the individual members via email in PDF format. 

Countries Eligible for LMIC Membership can be found at this webpage. Countries listed under the headings “Low-Income Economies” and “Lower-Middle-Income Economies” will be considered for LMIC membership. 



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