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Definitions Group
The Definitions Group is a permanent body that supervises the content of the data collection forms​, giving particular attention to the accuracy and reliability of the clinical definitions of each of the collected data items.
The Definitions Group is not responsible for the actual content of the data collection forms, but is responsible for the way it is presented, the consistency across forms, the existence of an accurate definition for each data item in the MED-AB Forms manuals​, and for making the language used accessible to the multilingual and multitasking audience that are the centre staff responsible for data management. It will also advise the Working Parties (WP) or Scientific Council​ on the advisability or not of collecting certain data items.
The Definitions Group is made up of representatives of each Working Party, a representative of the Data offices and a representative of the integrated National registries that collaborate with the EBMT.
The remit of the group is to:
  1. Reach consensus on definitions or other issues being debated which affect the data collected in the EBMT Registry
  2. Be available for answering questions from data managers (filtered and routed through the Registry) 
  3. Ensure the definitions in the manual are up to date  
  4. Actively participate in editing the MED-AB forms when needed 
  5. Liaise with the respective WPs, the Board, the Principal investigators and data managers of the centres to ensure everybody is informed of decisions regarding definitions, MED-AB forms or the Registry   


For more information, please see the terms of reference​​​​​​​​



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